My Favorite Clothing Boutiques

Few things make a woman happier than shopping!  Women can gather together, get a coffee and a pretzel, and walk from one side of the mall to the other – sometimes without even buying anything – and be completely and sublimely happy.  This concept is completely foreign to most men (my husband included!), but it is true nonetheless.  However, over time, there’s been a drift toward more intimate and personal shopping experiences.  Somehow, even with the coffee and pretzels, shopping became less enjoyable in giant malls.  A few years ago, some adventurous women (and a few men!) decided to start private boutiques.  They buy clothes they love, and sell them in pop-up shows or little local store fronts, and soon these boutiques were the new place to get everything you wanted in your closets and jewelry boxes without ever setting foot in a mall!  Well, today I’m going to tell you about my favorite clothing boutiques, and the amazing women who run them!

Gypsy Logo

Early on in Mom of the South, I did a review for a little up and coming boutique.  Tina, a longtime friend of mine, had started a company with someone and they were doing little pop-up shops every month selling unique baubles and clothing they’d designed.  Shortly after that review, the company split and my friend started her own boutique called GypsySouthern.

Gypsy Cross Earrings

Gypsy Top Collection

Gypsy Lace Cross Top

Starting from scratch, Tina built GypsySouthern into an extremely popular boutique that now has two stores open along the Emerald Coast.  Her items are a delicious combination of trendy and edgy with a boho twist.  Always fresh inventory rolling in too, so you’re guaranteed an exciting shopping experience!  You can check out her incredible selection on her website and her Facebook page.  If you happen to find yourself along the Gulf Coast, you definitely should swing by her store and do a little shopping!

Pink Chic Logo

The next boutique is actually owned by my very best friend, Kim.  I cannot put into words how talented she is, so when she opened her own shop I knew it would be a success!  Her taste is so simple and classy that Pink Chic Boutique was literally the most perfect name out there!  She has a collection of clothing that comes in regular and plus sizes, and she offers online shopping options, as well as her Facebook page.  She keeps it updated with her incredible items, and you can order whatever you want in your size right on the page!  And her store isn’t just limited to the understated chic clothing she chooses, but she also offers accessories like a beautiful selection of bags and purses, scarves, and trendy jewelry.

Pink Chic Sweet Southern Mess

Pink Chic Bracelet

Pink Chic Plum and Lace Plus-Size

Pink Chic GRITS cuffIf you are the type who would like jeans and pearls, Pink Chic Boutique is definitely the place to shop!  Oh and did I mention that she also can monogram practically ANYTHING?!  And her talents aren’t just in picking clothing and jewelry – she also has glasses, mugs, sports paraphernalia and other items that she can customize for you!  Pink Chic Embroidered Bag

Pink Chic Embroidered Bag

This beauty is mine and I LOVE it more than you know!


Instaglam Logo

This last boutique isn’t exactly a boutique.  Or at least not in the conventional term.  However, she offers incredible clothing selections AND she also offers something that I find so unique, it’s truly irresistible.  Laura is inspiring in both her story as a cancer survivor as well as a momtrapanuer 😉  Her company Instaglam is a subscription shopping service that offers you a specially chosen outfit each month.  For a small fee, you get a perfectly chosen top and five accessories, as well as the option to order extra pieces to the outfit a la carte OR up the monthly fee and get an ENTIRE outfit – top to bottom – sent to your door every month!

Instaglam Tunic


Instaglam January Collection

Instaglam block color topNo thinking or worrying about what goes with what, or whether this actually looks good together.  Instaglam takes all the stress and hassle out of shopping, so even people who aren’t “shoppers” can fall in love with fashion!  And trust me, every single thing I’ve gotten from Laura ALWAYS gets compliments.  Like literally always.  She just has the eye!  You can sign up for a monthly subscription, and know that each month you’re guaranteed a lovely pink box filled with a perfect outfit just for you, or you can order one month at a time.  And each piece of the outfits is available individually as well!  Shop online on her website, and she also has a secret VIP group for customers on Facebook that has amazing extra sales that pop up all the time! Instaglam Howdy Top

Well ladies, that’s my favorite shopping boutiques!  I honestly personally shop from all of these ladies, and I have never (literally NEVER) been disappointed with anything I’ve gotten!  Trust me, you will love the experience – the selections, the service, the sales – from start to finish.  So before you hit a huge retailer, maybe swing over and check out one of these amazing clothing boutiques!  You might fall in love!!!  Happy Shopping!



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Anjolee Jewelry: The Perfect Gift


***While I was provided an item to review, all thoughts and opinions remain – as always – my very own***

Anjolee Stud Earrings

As Valentine’s Day inches closer and closer, there are – no doubt – men who are searching for the perfect gift for the lady in their life.  They want a gift that says “I love you”, or a gift that says “I’m happy you’re in my life”, or even “Will you be my wife?”  A gift that says what they feel when they can’t put it into words.  Imagine the look on her face when you give her a simply breathtaking piece of jewelry that tells her exactly how you feel without you even having to speak.  If you want to buy her a gift that speaks to her heart, Anjolee Jewelry is the first place you should look!

anjolee lighted jewelry box

When Anjolee contacted me and requested that I review a piece of their jewelry, I can’t lie – I had never heard of the company!  However, after one quick browse through their website, I knew I was looking at quality and class.  And navigating a jewelry site has never been more simple – even right down to the customization – that you can literally make your diamond dreams come true with just a few clicks of the mouse!   It’s not everyday a girl gets to pick a piece of elegant jewelry, am I right?!  Their selection of diamond bridal sets, engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, and necklaces will leave you in awe.  And since you can even customize your own piece, you can be certain that whatever you buy is as truly unique as it is exquisite!

Because I have a small baby who likes to grab my ears, I have been wearing more and more stud earrings instead of my collection of dangly ones.  At first, I felt like I was missing the class and style that my longer earrings provided, but then I received my custom made earrings from Anjolee.  Anjolee Jewelry PackagingUpon opening the box, I was literally speechless.  Speechless.  I realize that is hard to believe, but it’s sincerely the truth.  The simple white box held within it a beautiful wooden jewelry box.  When I opened that wooden jewelry box, those magnificently beautiful earrings were illuminated by a light.  Yes, you read that correctly.  There is actually a light inside the box that shines down on the earrings!  I think I literally heard a choir sing “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Speechless!

anjolee earrings

The detail around these amazing earrings is so intricate and lovely, and they are the perfect size – not so large that they’re gaudy, but not so tiny that they’re easily ignored.  They speak class and elegance, taste and sophistication.  I’m still completely impressed with how beautiful they are.  A piece of Anjolee jewelry is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or any other day you want to turn into a day she will never forget!

***While I was provided an item to review, all thoughts and opinions remain – as always – my very own***

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gravy over biscuits

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plated muffins

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Body after baby design

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Baby Eating Formula

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Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries

Bonding with your child

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How to ruin your child

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Why I Became A Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Keep Calm

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