October 2013

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Growing up, I didn’t really have any “secret” traditions with my mom.  She was always pretty open about everything, which is probably why she remains to this day my most trusted, cherished, and sacred friend. 
What would you say to someone if you knew they were about to leave your life forever?  How many things would you want to do with them if you knew you would never see them again?
After the response I’ve gotten to all the negative things I’ve had happen since I re-entered the dating world, I am excited and somewhat hesitant to write about a scenario that actually – believe it or not – went right. 
While I’ve been rather candid about my first couple of dating experiences, I should explain for those who don’t know me that I have not actually (EVER) been approached by someone random and asked on a date.  I’m not sure if that means I’m scary or unappealing or what, but let’s not drive down that …
“I’ve always relied on the kindness of strangers” is a very infamous movie quote. Most all of us have heard it. In my mind, I always liken that phrase to being the receiver of something someone has “paid forward”.
I wish I could say that food blogging isn’t fun, but I’d be telling a complete lie.  Both my family and I love when I do blogs about food.  It is an excuse to make some very special and decadent treats!  And my kids are especially happy when they get to help!