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Have Some Substance!!!

beautiful you

Have you ever looked at another mom and immediately felt inadequate?  Do you allow your own self worth and value to be determined based on how well someone else does at being a woman? Continue reading “Have Some Substance!!!” »

Pardon My Progress

a life she loved

I think there is something to be said for making changes.  There is always a positive when you set a goal for yourself and then press toward that achievement.  And when you can look back at that goal – when you’re looking over the changes – you can actually SEE the difference you’ve made in your life…that’s a pretty exciting moment. Continue reading “Pardon My Progress” »

Some Stuff You Can’t Make Up

serious face

Recently, I had to take a road trip (I’ve actually taken more road trips in the last 6 months than I have in years!), but this one was unique in that it was a bit of a whirlwind – 3 states in 3 days.  And oh the craziness I saw!  You’re about to get a highlight reel from last week.  All of it is true.  In fact, here’s what I learned for sure: some stuff you can’t make up.

Continue reading “Some Stuff You Can’t Make Up” »

My Cup Runneth Over

holding the sun

I can honestly tell you that at this moment in my life, it feels like my cup literally “runneth over”.  In the midst of the chaos and excitement and events of the last two weeks, I’ve actually failed to write a single thing.  Not a word.  Almost as though I’ve been simply savoring every moment – keeping each little memory to myself – instead of sharing them with you.  But now, as the balloons and streamers and confetti begin to clear in my mind, I can go back and tell you why the last two weeks have caused me to say without doubt that my cup truly runneth over.

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