April 2014

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After the dreadfully long and frigid winter we had, I felt we needed some fresh strawberry freezer jam!  I don’t think there is anyone who isn’t jumping for joy that there is sunshine in our lives again! And along with that sunshine, there comes all the fabulous signs of spring like beautiful strawberries!
Beach days are amazing, but there is little else that gets me as excited for the summer as making homemade bread and butter refrigerator pickles. Every year, there is the moment that makes you realize that summer is right around the corner. Maybe it’s when you put out your flowers, or mow your grass, or …
Have you ever gone to the fair, and on the way out, you stop at the fudge booth and stock up on a couple pounds of chocolate for the trip home?  It’s like a county fair delicacy.  Melts in your mouth.  Chocolatey, sweet, amazing goodness.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make your own?  …
Over the last few years, I’ve completely revamped my life.  The world I was living in was no longer home.  I felt like I wasn’t living, but merely surviving. 
Okay okay….I didn’t literally kick her out of bed.  But I did quit letting her sleep in mine.  And I have to say…It was honestly easier than I anticipated.