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Okay okay….I didn’t literally kick her out of bed.  But I did quit letting her sleep in mine.  And I have to say…It was honestly easier than I anticipated. 
What would I tell 16 year old me?  Where shall I begin???  We all thought we had the whole world on a string, or at least I did.  The days of being a teenager are sooo long gone, I won’t even give you a ballpark number.  But let’s just say, I’ve had enough time to …
The third in the series of things my kids should know about me is going to be my favorite so far!  The topic is about my “spouse”, which I don’t have, but as many of you know, last weekend the man of my dreams – the one I wrote about here – proposed to me!  …
Last week, we started “30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me” with 20 Random Things About Me.  For the second post of the “30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me”, I’ll be writing about my fears.  Have you ever been afraid?  Was it of something rational?  Normal?  Crazy?  C’mon…you can tell me. 
  This post is part of a new challenge that some of my blogger friends and I are doing.  So to kick it off, this week, we’re starting with random.  If you knew me, you’d think this was perfectly fitting! 🙂
I’m cold and tired.  I’m SO over this season.  I’m over the cold.  I’m over the gray, bleak, dreary moods of Mother Nature’s bipolar ways.  Can I get an amen?!?