Pardon My Progress

a life she loved

I think there is something to be said for making changes.  There is always a positive when you set a goal for yourself and then press toward that achievement.  And when you can look back at that goal – when you’re looking over the changes – you can actually SEE the difference you’ve made in your life…that’s a pretty exciting moment. Continue reading “Pardon My Progress” »

Burn the Damn Scale

No Scale

Do I even know when it happened?  Yes.  Probably around the time I was eleven.  It was my first year as a cheerleader; the year my parents divorced.  That was when I started wearing a bra before anyone else.  And that was the year I started to realize I was a “big girl”. Continue reading “Burn the Damn Scale” »

You Are So Much Better Than Hollywood

barbie1Have you ever actually read the articles about how these women in Hollywood get back to their rocking bods???  I loved reading them – I am completely guilty of falling victim to the headlines that swear “No surgery – How I Got My Pre-baby Body Back!”  It used to reel me in for the kill every time.  And I would start reading the article hopeful that maybe – JUST MAYBE – this celebrity really did have a secret of how I can get that body.  Sound familiar? Continue reading “You Are So Much Better Than Hollywood” »

Strong Is The New Sexy!

Sweat pic

I ran again today.  It’s hard to make something a habit when it feels like a sadistic way to make yourself healthy.  But, alas, I ran anyway and that’s what counts.  Something new occurred to me today though. Continue reading “Strong Is The New Sexy!” »

Runner Wannabe: Here She Goes Again!

running woman

Let me start this post by saying I LOVE running.  I really do.  I just suck at it.  For a myriad of reasons (including my miniature height, being extremely *ahem* top heavy, and pitifully out of shape), I don’t run well.  But I still love doing it.  I have the heart of a runner.  I hear stupid theme songs like Eye of the Tiger in my head as my feet hit the pavement.  And if anyone asks me, I proudly tell them of my love for running.  But the truth is, I am a far cry from actually BEING a runner. Continue reading “Runner Wannabe: Here She Goes Again!” »

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