Anjolee Jewelry: The Perfect Gift


***While I was provided an item to review, all thoughts and opinions remain – as always – my very own***

Anjolee Stud Earrings

As Valentine’s Day inches closer and closer, there are – no doubt – men who are searching for the perfect gift for the lady in their life.  They want a gift that says “I love you”, or a gift that says “I’m happy you’re in my life”, or even “Will you be my wife?”  A gift that says what they feel when they can’t put it into words.  Imagine the look on her face when you give her a simply breathtaking piece of jewelry that tells her exactly how you feel without you even having to speak.  If you want to buy her a gift that speaks to her heart, Anjolee Jewelry is the first place you should look!

anjolee lighted jewelry box

When Anjolee contacted me and requested that I review a piece of their jewelry, I can’t lie – I had never heard of the company!  However, after one quick browse through their website, I knew I was looking at quality and class.  And navigating a jewelry site has never been more simple – even right down to the customization – that you can literally make your diamond dreams come true with just a few clicks of the mouse!   It’s not everyday a girl gets to pick a piece of elegant jewelry, am I right?!  Their selection of diamond bridal sets, engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, and necklaces will leave you in awe.  And since you can even customize your own piece, you can be certain that whatever you buy is as truly unique as it is exquisite!

Because I have a small baby who likes to grab my ears, I have been wearing more and more stud earrings instead of my collection of dangly ones.  At first, I felt like I was missing the class and style that my longer earrings provided, but then I received my custom made earrings from Anjolee.  Anjolee Jewelry PackagingUpon opening the box, I was literally speechless.  Speechless.  I realize that is hard to believe, but it’s sincerely the truth.  The simple white box held within it a beautiful wooden jewelry box.  When I opened that wooden jewelry box, those magnificently beautiful earrings were illuminated by a light.  Yes, you read that correctly.  There is actually a light inside the box that shines down on the earrings!  I think I literally heard a choir sing “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Speechless!

anjolee earrings

The detail around these amazing earrings is so intricate and lovely, and they are the perfect size – not so large that they’re gaudy, but not so tiny that they’re easily ignored.  They speak class and elegance, taste and sophistication.  I’m still completely impressed with how beautiful they are.  A piece of Anjolee jewelry is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or any other day you want to turn into a day she will never forget!

***While I was provided an item to review, all thoughts and opinions remain – as always – my very own***

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