gravy over biscuitsEvery great biscuit deserves a little lovin’, right?  Some biscuits need a good dose of strawberry jam, while others need to be smothered in the perfect white gravy!  Well here I go again, giving you the secrets in my kitchen: How to make perfect white gravy!! My dad taught me to make this gravy when I was about 10 years old, and my mom helped me get it down to an art form (yessss, Grasshoppa…Gravy can be art…yesssss).  So I figured since I’ve given you the key to my bread-lovin’ heart by sharing my biscuit recipe, I’d go ahead and give you the secret recipe that keeps my biscuits (and my family!) happy!

This gravy recipe isn’t an exact science (hence why I called it art!), so it is difficult to lay out into steps, but I’m going to do my country darnedest to make it happen for y’all!

First things first, you’ll need:
A large skillet (I use stainless steel or cast iron because I like (okay, actually I LOVE *lovelovelovelove*) my Pampered Chef whisk – and it’s no bueno on non-stick skillets)
2-3TB vegetable oil (add 1 more if your skillet is huge)
1/4 c AP flour (again, add additional flour by the TB until your oil is absorbed)
salt and pepper (lots! at least 1.5 tsp each)
1 1/2 c milk mixed with 1 1/2 c water (or just skim milk, if that’s what you have.  And again, you may need more if you’re using a super large skillet)

Start with the oil.

Heat it in your skillet over medium heat until it’s shiny (odd description but you’ll see it). Next, add your salt and pepper.

salting oilYou’ll smell the peppeppering oilper starting to cook.  (Remember that whole “art” thing?  Well here’s where the rubber meets the road…)  The pepper will begin to smell…well, peppery.  This is when you know that your oil is hot enough to add flour.  If you add it too soon, the flour will just sit and bathe in the oil, not cooking.  Imagine slathering on tanning oil, and then laying on your couch.  Same thing with flour in cold oil.

flour in oilWhen you start sprinkling your flour into your oil, it should start to sizzle.  Begin whisking immediately, and keep whisking until all the flour is absorbed into the oil, and you have something that looks kind of like batter.

whisking flour in oil
This is when you’re ready to add your milk mixture.  Slow and steady, or you’ll make a giant mess.  Don’t ask me how I know, just trust me.  Mmmkay?  milk in roux

Whisk.  Whisk.  Whisk.  After a minute or two, the milk will have blended into the flour and oil.  Hooray, right?  Nope.  You’re not done.  Keep whisking.  About 2 minutes (not like bumblebee speed whisking – don’t get crazy, now!) and your gravy will go from somewhat grainy looking to shiny.  Yes, shiny gravy is what you’re going for.  Again…it’s an art.

shiny gravy

You’ll see it look like this, and you can commence a celebratory jig in the kitchen.  You made the perfect white gravy!  Now just to ladle this amazingness over some of those perfect biscuits I keep telling you about.  Side of eggs and tomatoes?  Yes please!

Guaranteed to make your family happy every Saturday morning.  I don’t have a money back guarantee, but if I did…well you still wouldn’t need it.  Believe me!  🙂family eating biscuits and gravyempty plates

And PS: Just in case you have some biscuits left over, here’s a link for that strawberry jam we talked about earlier 😉

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