I want the fairytale

I wish I could tell you that I knew when it happened.  Or how it happened.  Actually, I wish I could tell you I saw it coming.  But I don’t know any of that.  This post has been pending for a while, but every time I sit down to write it, the words just haven’t come.  It’s as though part of me has been afraid that if I said something, the spell would be broken and this wonderful man would turn into a giant pumpkin.  But, then again, if you’ve read half of the posts I’ve written about the people I encountered on the dating site, for some a giant pumpkin would actually be an improvement!  O_o

But not him.  He’s wonderful.

Now before I continue, let me start by saying that I don’t want to hear your opinions.  Please don’t take that wrong – it is not intended to be rude.  Consider it more of a request.  For the first time in my life, I have the fairytale.  And so I ask you not to be a wet blanket.  Don’t try to be my “voice of reason” or my “I’m just saying”.  Just be my “I’m so happy you’re cherished”.  Be my “You deserve this”.  I ask because I have never had someone like this, and I truly want to savor this feeling.  That desire is what has led me to keep this to myself instead of putting it out there.

There aren’t a great deal of people whose relationships make me think “Wow…now SHE is a lucky woman”.  Don’t get me wrong, I have friends who have excellent husbands.  But are there many that make me covet their love story?  No.  Very, very few.  However, while I know that first date behavior is probably still in effect, this man has become something worthy of a fairytale.  From the thoughtful gestures (he changed the blinker in my truck because he noticed it was out, and buying my favorite make up for Christmas because he had heard me say I loved it) to the gentleman-like behavior he’s shown me since the first date (pulling out chairs, opening doors, carrying my groceries) – he has yet to do anything that wasn’t completely wonderful.  Picture this army guy going into Sephora to buy bare minerals.  The thought alone makes me smile.

I am sharing this now because it’s time.  And because I’m proud of him.  And because he’s a blessing.  I’m sharing this now because I have had the time to savor this new part of my life – because I’ve had time to keep it close and enjoy its newness.  But the time has come.  As I write this, I’m smiling.  I was truly happy before him.  Perhaps that is what makes meeting him so fun – I was already content and happy with my life.  I wasn’t looking for someone to make me happy.  To be honest, when I saw him on the website, I had basically decided I wasn’t looking for anyone at all.  And let me add that I smiled at him first.  I still give him crap about that!  Two weeks later, we met for the first time.  I told my sister as I was leaving the restaurant “I liked him.  A lot.  I will never see that man again!”  That was two months ago.  And since then, it has been truly a fairytale.

That’s him.  And he’s amazing.

me and Arturo