Expecting And Need Free Baby Stuff? Here Ya Go!

Kids Pictures

Exciting things happening here at Mom of the South! As if you couldn’t tell by the picture above, we’re expecting another lovely little bundle! The newest member of our little family will be making HER appearance somewhere near the end of May!!  I needed everything new, but I found some fabulous FREE baby stuff.  Are […]

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Frank’s RedHot Classic Buffalo Wing Recipe: Easier than you think!!

Franks wing basket

Pretty much anyone who isn’t a vegetarian can agree that sometimes buffalo wings are the most perfect snack ever. Whether it’s watching your favorite football game, poker night, or movie night with the family, buffalo wings are always everyone’s favorite thing to see.

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We Survived Our First PCS!

Our First PCS

New to the military? Never PCS’d? Do you know what that means?  PCS is a military abbreviation for Permanent Change of Station, meaning you’re assigned to a specific base.  I wasn’t sure I could do it. I had no idea how to do it. And now that it’s over, I’m just surprised it went so […]

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Sidelined by Chuck Pagano – Review AND Giveaway!


**This is a sponsored post, however all views expressed are entirely my own**  In Sidelined by Chuck Pagano, he tells of his journey from being the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens to Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, and all of the struggles, tears, and triumphs along the way.  

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Lemon Raspberry Crumb Cake: A Sweet Summer Farewell

lemon raspberry crumb cake plated 2

Ladies and Gentlemen: Behold the most perfect lemon raspberry crumb cake I’ve ever made! Ever! Have you ever just had a hankering for something sweet, but not too sweet?

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How Whole30 Changed My Life: My Results

finished the whole30

My Whole30 journey has been one I would consider not only a success, but also one of transformation. I began my Whole30 journey back in mid-July. In fear I would fail, I didn’t want to tell anyone until I had seen I could actually survive for a few days with these new eating habits. However, my 30 […]

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Online Dating Our Way: Her Story

Online Dating Our Way Her Story Collage

  Why did my husband and I choose online dating, and what did we do differently?  I get these questions when people find out my husband and I actually met on ChristianMingle.  And what do I tell them?  I tell them this: Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we plan them. And sometimes they turn […]

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30% OFF #BacktoSchool at Family Christian Stores!

Don’t forget that Family Christian Stores have back to school supplies too!  And not just for the kids – teachers and parents can stock up there as well!  They have a fabulous selection of craft supplies, journals, planners, notebooks, etc.!  Just what I needed to get myself and my little guy ready for the start […]

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Online Dating Our Way: His Story

Online Dating Collage His Story

As I said a few weeks ago, there would be a change to the tab “Single…Again”, and I retitled it “When I Was Single…Again”.  I’m leaving the tab for people who want advice about online dating.  But I also said that there would be a final chapter for that section of the blog.  My husband and […]

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Super Simple Homemade Mayonnaise

Homemade Mayonnaise

Have you ever tried to make your own homemade mayonnaise?  When I first started my Whole30 journey, there were a few things I knew I would miss. Mayonnaise being one of them. I love mayonnaise. Love it. As in, I don’t eat junk food, but I think mayo is a gift from God.

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