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My Wedding Day: Marrying My Best Friend

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks in my house! Everything – including Mom of the South – took a hiatus so I could focus on my wedding!!! Last weekend, I had the privilege of marrying the man who is amazing inside and out. My best friend. My person. Sorry for the delay. Here’s a look… Read More My Wedding Day: Marrying My Best Friend

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Chalk Preschool Won Over My 3 Year Old! #ad

  “This is a sponsored campaign with Mums the Word Network and Chalk Preschool . All opinions are my own.” There aren’t many things that hold my daughter’s attention these days. She’s three, has the world to explore, animals to “mother”, clothes to play in, and, let’s face it, those shoes in my closet aren’t… Read More Chalk Preschool Won Over My 3 Year Old! #ad

Certifiably Cayce

What’s Your OCD?

What’s your OCD? I’ve often heard that everyone has *something* they are particular about. Some stuff they may be even maniacal about. “Everyone has a little OCD in them…”, the saying goes. So I’m just wondering what yours is. I’ve thought about mine, and I actually have a few things that MUST be a certain… Read More What’s Your OCD?

Favorite Recipes, Southern Staples

Simple and Delicious Strawberry Freezer Jam

After the dreadfully long and frigid winter we had, I felt we needed some fresh strawberry freezer jam!  I don’t think there is anyone who isn’t jumping for joy that there is sunshine in our lives again! And along with that sunshine, there comes all the fabulous signs of spring like beautiful strawberries!

Favorite Recipes, Southern Staples

Homemade Bread and Butter Refrigerator Pickles

Beach days are amazing, but there is little else that gets me as excited for the summer as making homemade bread and butter refrigerator pickles. Every year, there is the moment that makes you realize that summer is right around the corner. Maybe it’s when you put out your flowers, or mow your grass, or… Read More Homemade Bread and Butter Refrigerator Pickles