Peppermint Bark Saves the Day! #McCormickBaking

*Disclosure: Products used in this review were provided by McCormick, however all opinions are my own.

completed bark

Every year, I have the same issue.  It is a road that starts December 1, and is paved with the best of intentions all the way to the kids’ last day of school before Christmas.  I always plan to make my child’s teachers a very special, thoughtful, and tasty treat.  And inevitably I fall victim to the holiday chaos that saps my time, minute by minute, until the last day of school arrives, and I have nothing to give them.  Bad mom alert, I know.  But THIS year…..THIS year, I am already DONE!  What?!?!  Yep.  I said it.  I’m already done making homemade goodies!  This year, Peppermint Bark saves the day! Continue reading “Peppermint Bark Saves the Day! #McCormickBaking” »

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