Super Bowl Recipe Roundup!

Super Bowl Recipe Collage

It may come as a shock to you, but I’m a football fan.  Actually, I’m a fanatic.  As in, my neighbors know if they hear me screaming on a Sunday around 4:30, it’s probably because a play went wrong for my beloved Denver Broncos.  With that said, you cannot imagine how excited I am for Sunday’s Super Bowl game!!!  And while I love football enough that I watch the Super Bowl every year, *this* year is a big deal.  This year, my Super Manning will lead the Broncos to a shot at another title.  And while I’ll be cheering for my favorite team, I’ll also be cooking some of my favorite recipes to snack on while we root for our teams – or laugh at the commercials, if that’s what you watch for!  So if you aren’t sure what you’re making for the big game day, you definitely want to take a look at these amazing snacks!  Without further delay, here is my Super Bowl Recipe Roundup!!! Continue reading “Super Bowl Recipe Roundup!” »

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