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Mommy Needs A Nap

Every morning, I wonder the same thing….will I ever sleep all night again?  I wonder what people who DO sleep all night look like in the morning.  Probably no bags or dark circles under their eyes, while mine look like my toddler did my makeup with a paint roller.  Do other people’s children sleep all… Read More Mommy Needs A Nap

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Runner Wannabe: Here She Goes Again!

Let me start this post by saying I LOVE running.  I really do.  I just suck at it.  For a myriad of reasons (including my miniature height, being extremely *ahem* top heavy, and pitifully out of shape), I don’t run well.  But I still love doing it.  I have the heart of a runner.  I… Read More Runner Wannabe: Here She Goes Again!

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It is raining…Again.

It is raining.  Again.  Not like it did last month.  Last month, I took a second to count the hash marks on my wall, and it confirmed my fears: That watery prison held me and my offspring captive for eleven days straight!  Rainy days like these mean I haven’t been able to say “Go outside… Read More It is raining…Again.

When I Was Single...Again.

Top 10 Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Dating: This particular blog is stemming from my recent re-entry into the dating world, and it is truly more of a public service announcement than a blog.  Because….wow…there has GOT to be a manual out there somewhere of dating do’s and don’ts, but if there is…my first date hasn’t… Read More Top 10 Dating Do’s and Don’ts