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Arturo and I 2Hi!  My name is Cayce, and I’m the Mom of the South – a Kentucky girl who traded in the Bluegrass for the Emerald Coast, and am now  blogging about the adventures life has sent me on.  I’m an Army wife, mom of three, Christian, registered nurse, and cooking show junkie.  God has blessed me beyond measure, and I’m loving the journey!  Hope you enjoy reading as I find the hope and humor in this chaos I call My Life  : )

Here at Mom Of The South, my goal is to connect my readers with brands and products I love, all while sharing with you the ups and downs of my crazy life. I have been honored to work with some amazing PR Firms and Brands such as Gortons and McCormick.  I was also featured in an online commercial for Global Resort Homes (below). I make sure to always keep my blog PR Friendly and will represent your brand with the highest level of integrity.

My Little Loves

BenjaminMy oldest love (we’ll call him my Buddy) is 8 years old, and is the most handsome little boy I’ve ever seen.  The most tender little heart, he is my gentle, brown-eyed guy – loves to cook, the beach, reading, and running. He is strong and resilient, and can melt this mama’s heart.  I am forever grateful that he made me a mom.

AnnaleighMy middle love (we’ll call her Ladybug) is 5 years old, and is a tiny tornado.  She’s a little blonde daredevil with an angel’s face.  Since the womb, this child has barely stopped moving except for a nap.  Her little mind and her mouth are almost always going so fast, it’s all I can do to nod along.  So brave and so strong, every day is an adventure for my little Bug.  The sound of her precious voice and the way she wraps her arms around my neck make me wonder what I ever did without her.

Baby L smilesAnd my newest love (Baby L) is brand new to the world and to us.  She’s our surprise love, and the piece that completed our family.  I am trying to remember what it’s like having a newborn, but even through the sleep deprivation, I am loving every minute of having her here.  And while she’s still a tiny wonder, she’s already charming us all!

Blog Accomplishments

  • Gorton’s Seafood Ambassador
  • McCormick Seasoning Ambassador
  • Global Resort Homes Blogger
  • Chalk Online Preschool Ambassador
  • Family Christian Blogger

Global Resort Homes Blogger – June 2013

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Cayce Lovato

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