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Barefoot Gypsy Boutique – My New Addiction!


Ever wish you could be friends with a clothing designer?  Someone who had an eye for fashion, and could create the perfect outfits out of thin air?  And wouldn’t it be even better if that friend had all the accessories you would need to go with that perfect outfit?  Well, be prepared to be jealous because I actually have that friend.  And that’s not even the best part!  The *best* part is that, as a blogger, I have been given the opportunity to review her new company, and ALL the amazing things they have created!  The Barefoot Gypsy Boutique is my newest addiction, and without question will be yours too!

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Freedom Love and Honey Mama

When Tina and I first spoke about me attending her gallery night last week, I was so incredibly excited for her and Krystal, and their new business adventure.  But when I walked through the doors and my eyes fell on all of the fabulous accessories, I was instantly transported to that kid-in-a-candy-store world.  Anyone who has ever found themselves in a store that carries everything you ever wanted to take home knows exactly what happens.  Your eyes glaze over.  You’re captivated.  And suddenly, I went from being proud of my friends and what they had accomplished to dedicated customer who wanted everything I saw.

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Now, I must admit: Even though my friends were designing these jewelry pieces and clothing, I had yet to actually go to a gallery and SHOP their merchandise.  So, imagine my giddiness when I noted that every piece of jewelry I picked up was perfectly suited for another, and would work perfectly with *that* shirt.  And suddenly, I was matching up pieces of one-of-a-kind jewelry and clothing and creating outfits in my head out of every piece I saw.  It was like all of the guess-work was taken out of the shopping experience, and instead of trying to figure out what necklace goes with that blouse, all I had to do was decide what colors I wanted and what size I needed.  These girls have not only made shopping simple, they’ve also made it sassy and fun!

Home Grown Honey

Let me tell you a bit about my Gypsy Ladies.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing Tina for almost six years, and have seen her manage to make her beautifully chaotic life seem effortless, all while looking so stylishly put together.  I’ve said before that Martha Stewart could learn a few things from this chick!  A proud military wife, she’s followed her Marine on several adventures with their small brood of children, and she’s always looked good doing it!  Through Tina, I also met Krystal – the other Gypsy with an eye for fashion.  Also a proud Marine wife, her gypsy soul fell in love with the Emerald Coast, and together, she and Tina are creating some of the most stylish clothes and accessories I’ve seen in since I moved here.  From bling and glitz, to earthy and stylish, their eclectic selection varies from Krystal’s bohemian chic style to Tina’s southern sass.

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There’s no question that Barefoot Gypsy Boutique has made style simple even for those of us “fashion-challenged” chicas!  And trust me – I’m completely grateful!  Need a closet makeover?  We may not be able to find What Not To Wear down here, but these girls have made looking good effortless!!
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