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Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries

**This is a review for Family Christian.  I was compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own**

Bonding with your child“Oh, how I hate children with healthy boundaries!” Said no mom ever. The most recent book I had the pleasure of reading dealt with that very topic. Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries is a very well written and insightful book. For those moms (or dads!) who are as sleep deprived as I am: That means it is a really helpful book on what healthy boundaries are, and how to establish them.

Being a parent is hard work. Let me say that again. Being a parent is HARD work. Like sweat shop conditions, no time off, few meals and showers, and rare social interaction HARD. So when you’re in the throws of child-rearing, it is nice to know that there are tools out there to help you regain order, and re-establish your authority in your home. June Hunt addresses all of the topics parents may need encouragement and support regarding boundaries with their children/teens. Everything from the why-kids-need-them all the way to the how-to-get-them, she talks very openly about each issue we face/may face with our kids, including how we relate to each other in our homes (car etiquette, chores, bedtimes, mealtimes, back talk, etc) to those issues that perhaps occur when our children are away from us (cheating at school, gossiping, disrupting class, sportsmanship, and peer pressure).

Her views are rooted in scripture, and while they may not be the easiest for parents to hear or even controversial to some (i.e. her views on spanking, with Bible verses to support them), she manages to sound supportive and encouraging. Filled with many wise ideas on how to start training our children up with healthy boundaries that will follow them and help them be successful in all areas of their lives, Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries is a must-read for EVERY parent!

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