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Carry On Anyway


Ever have that day where you just don’t feel it?  The day that starts with you telling your alarm to “snooze” and it hears “Never mind” and doesn’t go off again?  The day that involves the two year old who wakes up 5 minutes after you put her down for a nap…all three times you try?  Yep.  Me too.  That is the day I’m having.

It is difficult sometimes to remind myself to smile in spite of the madness.  The moments when I’m on the verge of throwing the next toy I trip over are the moments when I realize that I have been blessed.  Even though it sounds slightly hollow or too trite, the reality is that my kids are a blessing.  Their little voices are perfect – I have the opportunity to remind myself of this approximately 136 times an hour because that is how often my daughter starts conversations with “Mommy!!!”  My daughter’s playfulness is adorable – I have the opportunity to remind myself of this each time I make my bed during the day because she’s played hide and seek under the sheets, or tucked yet another baby in for its nap (a nap, mind you, that she herself isn’t taking! Lol)  I have many opportunities to remind myself that my son’s independence is special when he tells me that he doesn’t need any help and that he can do it himself.  And I get the chance to remind myself that my son’s tendency to litigate over everything may mean he has a hopeful career as an attorney someday.  At least, it BETTER become something lucrative because it is highly irritating listening to his opening and closing statements over whether or not it is actually his responsibility to pick up all of the toys before bed (“Ya know, Mom, some of those toys are Bug’s, so I don’t technically have to pick up toys I didn’t play with”)  *banging my head on wall*

The truth is that I’m exhausted.  And I know I’m not alone – I don’t know any moms out there who are always refreshed and calm and chipper every time I see them.  And if I did, let’s just say I’d have some serious questions regarding how she came about such bliss.  We’re all tired and overwhelmed.  So on days like today when the backs of my eyelids are like window shades that I have to roll up, I just tell myself that I AM blessed with this home I am cleaning.  And as I’m making meals and snacks every 24 minutes, I remind myself that I’m blessed with healthy kids.  And at the end of the day, when everyone is asleep, I am definitely thankful that I’m blessed with my comfy bed that can swallow me up and carry me away – at least for the two hours before my toddler wakes up again…

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