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Chalk Preschool Won Over My 3 Year Old! #ad


logo“This is a sponsored campaign with Mums the Word Network and Chalk Preschool . All opinions are my own.”

There aren’t many things that hold my daughter’s attention these days. She’s three, has the world to explore, animals to “mother”, clothes to play in, and, let’s face it, those shoes in my closet aren’t going to wear themselves! When I was given the opportunity to review a new online program called Chalk Preschool, I was as hopeful as I was doubtful. She rarely sits through a show of any kind anymore, and she has little interest in sitting still for any reason – even to eat a meal. So imagine my surprise when I logged her into Chalk Preschool for the first time, and she didn’t leave the chair until all the lessons for the day were completely finished! An online preschool course that holds the attention of MY three year old is definitely a gem!

IMG_0640The first thing I noticed about Chalk Preschool was the ease of creating her “classroom”. You simply create your login information, then enter the child’s name and birthdate. This enables them to put her in a classroom that is tailored to her specific developmental level. Each day, she has daily preschool lesson plans, which are her normal day-to-day lessons. She learns about weather, then she has literacy, math and science, and lastly (and her favorite!) is art. Each section has songs she learns, along with a new lesson. I’ve never seen her look so captivated! Last week, she learned about different countries and their weather and food. IMG_0647 Imagine how happy she was when she saw pretzels pop up from Germany! (She’s a carbaholic, and soft pretzels are a delicacy for her LOL)

Craft Day 1

Our first Art class was taking an apple and cutting it in half, and making apple trees. We learned that green and red make brown, which is handy because we used green for our leaves (we made those with our fingerprints!), and we used red for our apples (we made those by dipping half an apple into red paint and putting it on our branches). She loved that we got to paint for school!

Craft Day 2

Along with songs and slides and various daily lessons, there are also daily printables that she can do (letter of the day, etc), and even a weather graph! There is a parent portal for you to use, as well as a Chalk Preschool Blog filled with information!

Bug doing her Lessons 2

Anyone who knows Ladybug knows that she’s quite the firecracker. She’s sassy and feisty and always on the move. For those reasons, I’m completely in love with Chalk Preschool because my little girl and her hummingbird attention span now sit through the entire “school” lessons without moving. She even begs for it as soon as we get home from putting her big brother on the bus!


This is not your normal preschool curriculum! Chalk Preschool has truly reshaped my opinion of online classrooms, as well as given my daughter a newfound love for learning! I remain shocked and amazed, and thoroughly grateful for this change! This program is truly the perfect way to help your little one love learning before they start preschool!!!



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