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Getting My Body Back After Baby – Month 1

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Moms are amazing!  Our bodies do incredible things, and we manage to exist and perform on a stupid low amount of sleep!  So when the time comes when our doctors have delivered our precious babies, and then they “release us to start exercising” again, if you’re like me, you probably thought…Ummm…Sure.  But I didn’t want to be the mom who looked like a mom.  I wanted to be the mom who looked amazing!  So as soon as I got the thumbs up from the OB, I got to work.  This is the first part of my journey! How I’m getting my body back after baby – month 1 🙂

The first thing I did was start walking.  Walking.  And walking.  I mapped out a mile in my neighborhood and every other day, I laced up my tennis shoes, strapped my newborn in her stroller, and off we went.  It is the easiest and most convenient way to get started on your fitness journey, and the first thing I was actually able to do after my c-section.  **Side note: When we picked out our daughter’s stroller, we made sure to get one with real tires so it would hold up to lots of sidewalks and streets.  This definitely made that first week of walking with her much easier since the stroller is made to be easy to use while walking and jogging with my baby.  You can find ours here.** stroller After the first week, I started doing postnatal yoga every day that I didn’t walk the neighborhood.  It concentrated heavily on rebuilding your core and pelvic floor, which pregnancy wreaks havoc on.  I never bothered to do any exercises that focused on this step after my first two children were born, but I certainly wish I had.  Maybe I would’ve shed that c-section mommy pooch earlier!  Hindsight sucks sometimes.  Anyway…lived and learned, and now I’m doing it the right way! postnatal yoga   Week two meant adding in some strength training.  If you’re like me, all you want to “lift” is your baby, but trust me: It makes a difference.  I started using the postnatal slimdown and really fell in love with it.  Little 10 minute bits of strength training, along with special core recovery for moms who have diastasis recti and c-sections.  The first couple times I did the workouts, I am not going to lie and act like I rolled through it.  No.  I pretty much wanted to die the whole time.  But I noticed that after the first week, I was actually able to do each workout without stopping, and I wasn’t nearly as out of breath and miserable. (PS: If you don’t know whether you have diastasis recti, she shows you the test in that DVD, or you can take this quick test) postnatal slimdown Week three meant I added another half mile to the mile I was walking, and two 10 minute workouts plus core strengthening on the days in between.  Before you roll your eyes and think you don’t want to try that hard, or you don’t think you can do it, hear this: I didn’t always want to do it either.  I was still feeding a baby every 2 hours, plus taking care of my home and family.  I was exhausted.  Truth be told, I was stupid tired.  And all I wanted to do was nap.  But I made myself make fitness important.  And if there was a day I was just too tired to move, I did 30 minutes of postnatal yoga.  The days where I was sore and didn’t want to push too hard, again, yoga.  Always do something.  You never regret a workout you did, but you always regret the ones you skip.  Remember that. Once I got to week four, I was starting to see some results and felt MUCH stronger.  And I was PROUD.  Proud!  I saw enough change that I didn’t feel like a frump.  I still sagged and jiggled, but there was change!!! Moral of the story: Get started doing something.  Something.  Anything!  And don’t give up.  There is always a chance to back out of a workout, but this is always what I tell myself: the butt you want Hope you find a little inspiration or encouragement here!  And if you want to talk, I’m happy to offer support or advice from my personal experience.  I’m not far ahead of the start line, but I’m certainly not still standing there!!!

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