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Heaven on Earth: Thy name is Szotski’s Cheesecakes


I found my mothership today! It’s a fabulous little shop that I have never noticed. And it sells my favorite thing in the world: Cheesecake! And not just plain cheesecakes, but mini cakes that are just the right size and come in a dozen or more flavors. They have a maple-bacon one, a Kentucky bourbon, and for the locals there’s even a Bushwacker cheesecake! I’m. In. Love. If you haven’t visited Szotski’s Cheesecakes, you aren’t living life the right way. I’m just saying.

How have I never heard of this wonderful place?!? And by the way, these are guys – nothing stuffy or snobby about them. Just fun guys making amazing, melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes. Anyone wondering whether I was going to gain weight after my wedding? This oughta answer that question! Their motto: Eat cheesecakes…because cupcakes are crumby!

Oh, and one more thing: They have macaroons that are sheer divinity! Thumbs up from the kids too! Now the only question is whether or not I can go there more than once a day….?


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