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It Was Leg Day…

leg daySo, my friend Lynsey…she’s like me.  A lot like me.  And she and I are accountability partners.  In case you don’t know what that means, it means that we continually drag each other into fitness situations, and then when we’re too sore to get in and out of bed, we blame each other for why we’re moving like zombies.  Those days when all you can say to people when they look at you for walking like that is “It was leg day”. We are of the persuasion that says “I ate right and exercised today.  I better friggin’ wake up skinny tomorrow.”  I know this is incorrect thinking, but let she who has never thought this cast the first stone.  For serious.

Anyway, so Lynsey and I both made some big plans for ourselves this year, and we actually have managed to make those plans become realities.  That being said, there are days where you wake up after spending four consecutive days in a Zumba class, two days with the trainer, two days with your treadmill, and a two hour Zumba-thon later and you want to crawl down the street and drag that accountability partner out of her house and make her take you for a full body massage.

The fact is that we both want to be stronger.  We both want to be the best version of ourselves.  And we both want that for each other.  So that means that we drag each other to the trainer and we drag each other to Zumba.  And we know that we may not walk “normal” ever again, but we are happy to accept that fate because we know that come bathing suit season next year, we’ll be the ones with the last laugh (as we waddle all the way down to the sand…).

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