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It’s Fall Y’all!

fall leaves

While I highly doubt this is news to anyone who knows me, I’m going to go ahead and exclaim it again: I LOVE FALL!  I love it!  I love pumpkins and cinnamon and football and cooler weather and crisp air and apples and sweaters and…and…and…I feel like a kid talking about my favorite things at the fair.  OH – the FAIR!  I love the fair too.  Not because I think carneys are sexy, or because I enjoy paying $43 to win a stuffed animal that my kid will probably never play with, but because it means it’s FALL!

I am already planning my fall decorating, and gathering my cans of pumpkin for the many recipes I will be making.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Kids in a candy store don’t have anything on this southern girl and her love for this PERFECT season.  And it does nothing but fuel my fall-lover-induced-psychosis that every catalog I get has pumpkin recipes on the front, or people in sweaters looking at the beautiful leaves, or a picture of the most perfect new fall decorations.  Even now, just sitting here typing about fall, I feel myself get all giddy – as if the whole year long, I’m the equivalent of a puppy waiting for their human to “Throw the ball!  Throw the ball!  THROW the BAAALLLLL!!!”  And then September arrives, and at last, it happens.  Mother Nature throws the ball, and off I go!

Seriously y’all…if I could type AND clap while writing about this glorious season, I totally would.  Remember the mother in Professor Klump?  The “Hercules, Hercules, Hercules” lady???  Yeah.  That’s totally me over fall.  It is like a rebirth – nature’s reprieve from the stifling heat and thick summer air.  The time of year when everything relaxes.  The sun starts going to bed earlier (and so do the children!), the leaves loosen their grip on the trees, the breeze becomes happier, and even the people start to smile a little more.  It’s the perfect time of year!

There is something to be appreciated about every season, and I enter each one with all these well laid plans for how I will spend them.  Spring time will include planting my garden, and putting new flowers in the flower beds.  Summer will be for beach days and barbeques.  Winter is for holiday dinners and snuggling with hot chocolate.  But fall…. Fall is for tailgating and baking pies and cool breezes and long sleeves and pumpkins.  It’s the time when the excitement for the holidays begins, the time when it becomes acceptable to eat chili again, the time for hay rides and corn mazes.  I don’t know which I prefer most!

So my goal for September is to entertain you with what makes me blissfully happy about this season – from recipes to decorations to activities – Oh My!  Happy reading, and Happy Fall Y’all!  : )

4 thoughts on “It’s Fall Y’all!

  1. Oh my goodness, you’ve made me even more excited about fall! I also love fall with all my heart, it’s my favorite season of all seasons. I love everything about it. I just wish that we had more beautiful colorful trees here in Pensacola. I LOVE fall!

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