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Lemon Raspberry Crumb Cake: A Sweet Summer Farewell

lemon raspberry crumb cake plated 2 Ladies and Gentlemen: Behold the most perfect lemon raspberry crumb cake I’ve ever made! Ever! Have you ever just had a hankering for something sweet, but not too sweet? While I’ve switched my diet to almost entirely Whole30/Paleo, I have not forgotten my faithful recipe readers who come to Mom of the South for some good home cooking that *isn’t* all health food. I have something special ready for y’all! So while this isn’t going to be found on any health food website, it is the perfect dish to make for Sunday Brunch, or for your morning coffee date with your sweetie before the kids wake up. Anytime really! I’ll admit, even with my new promise to keep myself away from sugar, this cake did get my attention. And honestly…We all know any *good* food blogger wouldn’t dare post a recipe she, herself, hadn’t sampled and approved. So I can tell you for certain that it is delicious! And it was completely worth the food splurge!!!

All you need is:
1 ½ c sugar
1 tsp baking powder
3 c AP Flour
pinch of cinnamon (about two shakes is good)
1 egg
1 c COLD butter (2 sticks)
3 c raspberries
3 TB cornstarch
zest of one lemon

Preheat your oven to 375, and oil a 10” iron skillet. Add ¾ cup of sugar, flour, baking powder, cinnamon to a bowl and mix together. Then cut in your butter until your flour is crumbly and has little butter bits all the way through it. It should look like this:

after butter added Then mix in your egg. This will seem like it isn’t going to incorporate, but I promise it will. And since we’re making something sweet, we’ll call this hard mixing work your bicep workout for the day! 😉 Keep stirring (and stirring and stirring) until it looks like this: crumb mixture Once you’ve made it there, you’re done with the crust portion. Now you get to work with those beautiful raspberries! Add your cornstarch, ¾ c of sugar, and the lemon zest to your berries. zest sugar and raspberries Mix them well (do NOT mash them completely – they’ll get a little mushy, but you don’t want them pulverized so go easy. Remember: this is *not* the bicep workout. Gentle does it.) Now for the final steps! Take half of your crust mixture and press it evenly into the bottom of your iron skillet. You’ll want the crust to be at least ½ inch thick. crust Then add in your raspberry mixture and spread it evenly over the crust. raspberry mix on crust Last, but not least, you’ll take the remaining crust mixture and spread it over the raspberries evenly. Clumps are fine as long as they’re well distributed to cover the fruit. crumb topping Pop this in the oven on the top rack for 35 minutes. lemon raspberry crumb cake Two reasons I came up with this recipe: 1) There was a sale on raspberries at the grocery store last week, and I just couldn’t NOT buy them, right? But that just meant that I had two cartons of fresh raspberries that I had to make something with like ASAP. 2) With summer drawing to a close, I thought it would be a nice way to send off the warm months with something fresh and sweet and tart.

The crumb part of this is quite similar to a sugar cookie.  And while the raspberries are already tart by themselves, I did feel like they needed a little lemon zest to brighten them up a bit. The homey-ness of this summery recipe is so comforting, but it comes alive with flavor with the fresh berries and lemon!

Here’s a quick tidbit: If you want this to be more “cakey” than cookie-like, you’ll want to take it out between 30-35 minutes. If you want more of a cookie crust, you can go 35-40 (make sure you check it!). The top isn’t going to get super brown, so don’t use that as a gauge for whether you think it’s done. Think sugar cookies – they’re light, not brown. Understand, rubberband?

As usual, you could  let this lemon raspberry crumble cake cool before diving into it, but who really has that kind of self-control??? You could very well scoop this out (like I did), or if you’re more Type A than that, these are also easily sliced into bars for a “cleaner” look.  Totally up to you! Time to confess: Which is more your style: Crumbled on the plate, or nice, neat sliced bars?

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