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Well, based on the scale creeping up a few digits, and that extra shimmy I had to do to get my jeans on, it’s clear I have not missed a single calorie since the week before Christmas.  I kinda knew it was happening, but I really didn’t let myself get concerned about it.  I kept saying “You aren’t going to be a food nazi over the holidays!”  And so I didn’t stress, or worry, or *apparently* observe my eating habits at all.  Aaaand now I have to wiggle back into my jeans.  Awesome.  I don’t do “resolutions”, but I can assure you that it is time for a change.

Now while I wish I could say it was ONLY the eating habits that suffered during this holiday season, it wasn’t.  Everything halted for two weeks.  No Zumba.  No Fred Malpica.  And no running.  It appears this meant I was given full license to “shock” my body, and then rejoin my healthy lifestyle after the New Year began.  Well done, Cayce.  Your body is officially shocked.  Now Stop It!

I am actually writing this post as a call to accountability.  I joined a local Biggest Loser Challenge, and had my first weigh in on Friday.  This was humiliating to say the least, because it showed me that my “license to imbibe” cost me 7 lbs.

Are. You. Kidding. Me?!

Needless to say, *THAT* was enough to get my booty back on the wagon.  And pretty freaking fast too!  And while I can’t really run right now (the cold air actually brings on asthma problems I am not interested in coping with), I am back to Zumba with the fabulous Nikki Bales at least 3 times a week, strength training, and walking.  Oh, and there’s that awesome MyFitnessPal app that puts all your eating choices (good, bad, or shameful) right up there for all your friends to see.

I don’t hate myself or how I look, honestly.  I’m far better than where I was when I was 192!  But I have to realize that just because I’m happier than where I *was* doesn’t mean I have to stop moving forward.  While I’m not exactly happy that I’m posting the above picture, I know that my next picture will be one I’m proud of.  Time to get myself stronger and healthier.  Pardon my progress.  The vacation is over.  So to all who are starting their New Year off on a good foot, don’t make a resolution.  Make a change.

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  1. Oh how brave of you to put this online! I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss goals and am sure you’ll do great! It’s very inspiring – especially the fun ways you have chosen to lose weight. 🙂

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