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Mommy Needs A Nap

Every morning, I wonder the same thing….will I ever sleep all night again?  I wonder what people who DO sleep all night look like in the morning.  Probably no bags or dark circles under their eyes, while mine look like my toddler did my makeup with a paint roller.  Do other people’s children sleep all night?  It’s 5:26am and I’m wandering to the kitchen to get a coffee mug when I hear it: The tiny voice of my Ladybug.  She’s up, and when she’s up it’s full speed ahead.  I turn around toward the bedroom and see my son standing silently behind me like a cast member from Children of the Corn.  My kids start stirring and waking up before my first cup of coffee, leaving me to realize my day will start whether I’ve slept or not.  Good news?  I have plenty of coffee and I know how to use it.  Bad news?  I seriously don’t know if that will be enough.  So what do I do?  I get it done anyway!  There are so many opportunities to cut corners or leave things unfinished.  Don’t do my hair because a ponytail is easier.  Don’t put on real clothes because sweatpants are so much more comfy.  Don’t make a real dinner because Domino’s is quite good these days.  I probably have that $5 off coupon from that coupon book I bought from the school fundraiser laying around here somewhere.  But how proud of myself would I be?  What would I think when I looked in the mirror?  How would I feel when I see that basket of laundry that I just pushed into the laundry room and left?  Would I really be happy if I just threw my kid a pop tart instead of making him breakfast and talking to him before he goes to school?  The answers are not good.

Now, before you get upset, let me explain.  Pizza nights are fine – I ENCOURAGE them!  But not just because I’m too tired, and not 3 nights a week.  Neither my wallet NOR my waist would appreciate that.  Pop tarts are great if you oversleep and almost miss your kid’s bus.  Being tired is my new way of life!  I have to keep on keeping on, with or without five hours of sleep.  We love sweatpants right?  Cleaning?  Throw on the sweats.  Sick?  Sweatpants on.  Cramping?  God Bless sweatpants!  But not for grocery shopping or going to the bank or doing things that involve getting OUT of your car.  And while we all know that Walmart welcomes pajamas, I beg you…don’t be that mom!

I spent a season of life (read: between nursing school semesters) watching TLC’s What Not To Wear, and realized I’m not alone in my exhaustion or my lack of time.  And while I don’t think I could afford the outfits from that show (or have anywhere to wear them!), I do understand that putting effort into myself is important.  It is also important to put that effort into my kids as well.  So long story short, get up and get dressed, get some muffin mix and make your kid a little breakfast.  Vacuum the living room.  Fold that basket of laundry.  And then lay your head on that pile of newly folded laundry and take a nap. : )

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