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My Cup Runneth Over

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I can honestly tell you that at this moment in my life, it feels like my cup literally “runneth over”.  In the midst of the chaos and excitement and events of the last two weeks, I’ve actually failed to write a single thing.  Not a word.  Almost as though I’ve been simply savoring every moment – keeping each little memory to myself – instead of sharing them with you.  But now, as the balloons and streamers and confetti begin to clear in my mind, I can go back and tell you why the last two weeks have caused me to say without doubt that my cup truly runneth over.

The last two years of my life have been quite the renovation.  I’ve separated and divorced my children’s father.  I’ve graduated from nursing school.  I’ve moved into a new house.  I’ve lost 30lbs (plus or minus 5lbs, depending on whether it’s pumpkin pie season).  And most recently, three new and quite wonderful things have made their way onto the list of renovations.

The first being that I passed my nursing boards!  I have been working toward this with every ounce of energy and hope I’ve had for two years.  It isn’t common that one gets a chance to actually redo their past.  But I did.  I graduated from high school and had a full scholarship to college to get my RN degree.  Instead of becoming an RN, I dropped out in the first semester to become a wife.  Have I always wished I’d finished that?  Yes.  Without question.  Because now I would have 8 years of this career under my belt.  But the path I chose led me here, and I am grateful for that.  The amazing part is that I got my own “mulligan”.  I was given another scholarship to go back to school to finish what I started 13 years ago…and this time I DID!  I am now officially an RN!  Degree, license, and everything!!!

The second thing that happened is that I turned 31.  I am officially IN my 30’s now.  OR…as I prefer to call it, the 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday.  I suppose I should tell you that I had about half a breakdown on my 30th birthday.  I was a single mom, a student, and my mom lived with me.  Anyone need to count the reasons for why that made me freak out?  It was a serious reality check of where I wanted to be vs. where I had hoped to be.  But not this year.  This year, I was exactly where I wanted to be.  I was no longer a student.  I had moved into my new home (didn’t forget to move my mom with me though! Haha).  I am embarking on the career I’m called to do.  And I have a beautiful life that I truly can say is by the grace of God.

My third thing is going to be the one you’re going to get the fewest details about, but since I said three, I’ll give you three.  A week ago, I went on a date.  And we are going on a second date.  And I like him.  That is all you get.  I know I’ve been very open on this blog about my dates, but this one was different.  And for some reason, I feel like it deserves protection – respect.  I suppose this is a moment I want to savor for just a little longer.

Last year, my life was anything but wonderful.  This year, it is beautiful.  My cup runneth over.

4 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m jelly I don’t know about this mystery man at all …. hmph, okay I’m living I don’t know …. 🙂

    We better find you a bigger cup girl, b/c it’s not nice to waste 🙂

    luv ya

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