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My New Pre-workout Protein Shake!

Since I’ve started this new journey toward being the best version of myself I can be, I’ve been desperate to find something that will be “breakfast”, but that won’t make me want to yack during an hour with a trainer, or in the middle of a Refit or Zumba class.  It’s been a struggle to say the least!  I am a breakfast girl – I can eat breakfast any time, day or night.  And skipping it when I’m about to get a booty-kicking workout is NOT an option.  So, a-searching I have been.  But this week, I have found my workout morning soul mate in the form of Special K’s Vanilla Cappuccino – their new protein shake!!!  This is definitely my new pre-workout protein shake!Special K Shake Review

Here are the basic details:
10g protein
5g fiber
23 vitamins & minerals (including Chromium!)

AND as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, which makes this the absolute *PERFECT* way to get myself ready for a workout!  It gives me the boost I need, plus the protein and fiber to feel full while I’m working on that summer body I want.  After all, we all know that bikini bodies are made during sweater season!

My input: I am no expert – quite the opposite, so please know that I am merely saying what works for me and my schedule and my budget.  And Special K or Kellogg’s didn’t pay me for this, so I can say whatever I want.  So here’s what I think: When you are pressed for time, or when you find it hard to work out after eating *actual* food, this café-inspired shake is the perfect way to start your day!  Well done, Special K!  Very well done!!

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