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My Wedding Day: Marrying My Best Friend

10342452_10202815298761554_6640038497834123283_n[1]It’s been a whirlwind few weeks in my house! Everything – including Mom of the South – took a hiatus so I could focus on my wedding!!! Last weekend, I had the privilege of marrying the man who is amazing inside and out. My best friend. My person. Sorry for the delay. Here’s a look at our wonderful day!



My best friend – you know her as MoscatoMom – gave me my beautiful “Something Blue” while we were getting ready. I love her! And I truly treasure this!!! (My new hubby is already talking about how many Pandora charms he’s going to be buying now!)  10177889_10202815277041011_292100759975264430_n

My completely perfect little guy and gal were the stars of the day. I am so blessed with these precious kids!  10366233_10202815280241091_4041486009890593163_n[1]

Walked “down the aisle” by my cousin and brother-in-law, these two men are second in my heart, only after my husband and son. I adore them, and they’ve been the best “big brothers” a girl could have ever gotten.  10430920_576583945790276_7403856840466610148_n[2]



Arturo’s dad performed our ceremony, and it made our special day even better!

10341520_10202815282961159_7355428029500022032_n 10410312_10202815292841406_9149407862296929212_n[1]

While it’s easy to get caught up in a world of online relationships, these ladies are the dearest friends I have. I cherish them, and I am such a lucky girl to have had them there with me.  10442932_10202815293001410_3256653081954279510_n[1]


The Fort Pickens ruins were the perfect backdrop! It added charm to our rustic, beachy theme  10341408_10202815289041311_1672601120643808298_n[1]

And what wedding is complete without the perfect photo bomb???  10383014_10202815297401520_6529895277794717033_n

At the end of the day, there wasn’t a single second that I would have changed. Not one moment that could have been better. Every bug, every kid comment, every tear – every single piece of that day was us, and so simply perfect. 10440967_10202815287681277_5678679096290211386_n[1]



10398063_10202815293601425_4917332637674373270_n  10256899_10202815281681127_1096552601712853614_n

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