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Nothing Negative to Say

Blind date

After the response I’ve gotten to all the negative things I’ve had happen since I re-entered the dating world, I am excited and somewhat hesitant to write about a scenario that actually – believe it or not – went right.  Yes, you heard me – I had a date that went WELL.  Now perhaps I missed something I did that was a complete turn off, but if so, it wasn’t as obvious as the now infamous 2nd blind date.  So this post will go down in history as the first of its kind – the blog where I have nothing negative to say.

While I understand it is standard procedure to try and go all out to impress a first date, I haven’t exactly found the buried treasure with that tactic.  My date and I talked early on about how we’d rather be comfortable than try and be dressed up in clothes we’ve never worn and go somewhere we’d never gone, for the sake of impressing someone we’ve never met.  All on the off-chance that the person turns out to be nice (which after my last couple of experiences didn’t seem likely).  So what did we do?  We went relaxed.  I wore flats to avoid a repeat of my near-fall on blind date #2 (I think we should hereby dub that date Cayce’s Trainwreck: A Lesson in What to NEVER Do on a Date…).  I also took along a ponytail holder in case my irritable hair decided to turn me into a character from The Lion King.  And what happened?  Nothing!  We had a nice time.  I know, I know.  I actually couldn’t believe it either.  He was witty and charming and handsome.  He made me feel comfortable when we ended up with every single condiment you can ask for to put on burgers and fries.  He made me laugh – actual laugh too, not the irritating giggle that you do when you want a guy to think you think he’s funny.  There truly was nothing negative about it!

This date was unique because it was easy.  And that’s why I’m a little nervous now.  I’ll explain that in a second – back to it being easy.  I was myself.  From my jeans and belt to the bacon cheeseburger and fries that I dipped in ranch (don’t judge me – that’s why I’m a runner!), I was comfortable with this man.  Sometime between Men of Dates Past and this date, I decided that I was not going to try and pretend to be someone I am not – half the time, women aren’t anywhere near the person they pretend to be on their first dates.  And if anyone is shorted in that scenario, it’s the man.  What would this man have thought if I spent the first date nibbling on a salad and dabbing the corners of my mouth with a napkin, and then on the second date I ordered that cheeseburger?  He would think I had multiple personalities OR that I was a fake.  So this time around, I decided to lead with the cheeseburger.  Be myself.  Because I am the person I hope he likes, right?  WHICH is why I am nervous and why it will truly suck if he doesn’t call: Because I literally was just me last night.  No frills or going overboard trying to “get him to like me”.  I was completely Cayce – talking with my hands, hair in a ponytail, animated, short, and chatty.

I joked with him that if he turned out to be creepy or arrogant or try to grope me, I would be writing about him in my blog.  But after the date was over, we talked on the phone (did you catch that?! He called.  Already better than date #2!).  I told him that I couldn’t put him in my blog after all since he turned out to be a truly nice guy, and that I had a good time.  His response?  Maybe I should write about something POSITIVE (as if! People read the bad stuff…will anyone really be interested in a GOOD date???).  But, alas, it was a good date.  So I suppose this will be his reference letter now LOL  I can say with complete certainty that I had a very nice evening with a very handsome Alabama fan (I know…I should hate myself for that after UK’s loss last week).  And I can also say that I would say yes if he were to invite me to dinner again.  So, write it on your calendars friends…I have officially gone on a date that left me with nothing negative to say!  🙂

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