When I Was Single...Again.

Online Dating Our Way: His Story

Online Dating Collage His Story

As I said a few weeks ago, there would be a change to the tab “Single…Again”, and I retitled it “When I Was Single…Again”.  I’m leaving the tab for people who want advice about online dating.  But I also said that there would be a final chapter for that section of the blog.  My husband and I have been selected to have our story featured on ChristianMingle (trust me – when it goes live, you’ll be the first to know!!).  As something of a “Thank You” to the dating site that helped us meet, and to offer advice to those who are still looking, Arturo and I decided to write about how we met, and why we didn’t go about online dating like everyone else.  We chose online dating, but we did it our way.  I’m so excited to share the first guest blog post on Mom of the South, and even MORE excited that the guest is my handsome hubby!  Here’s his story about how we did online dating our way:

To this day, I have no idea why I signed up for online dating. Maybe a part of me was lonely. Maybe I was hoping I would find a true Christian woman out there.  For whatever reason one thing was sure: I was happy with the bachelor life I had been living – living on my own and only caring for myself suited me fine and I needed to find a knockout before I would change that. I was on the site for maybe two weeks, and had only really been looked at by older women and women that lived miles away. Then a beautiful face popped up on my inbox sending a smile. She was gorgeous, and my first thought was, “I could see myself marrying a girl that pretty.” I was shocked that someone this beautiful was sending me a smile so I thought something had to have been wrong with her.  Haha  But after reading her profile, I got the sense that maybe she was legit and just maybe she would be willing to be serious.

We emailed questions back and forth for about a week before actually having a conversation. Her aloof attitude was actually appealing. It made me think she wasn’t desperate. The first time we met, I remember thinking, “There is something really special about this woman.” Our pasts allowed us to relate to each other and our hopes for the future made us think we could actually work.

I never think of her as the girl I met online. ChristianMingle was just a tool for two people to meet.  We come from very different backgrounds, growing up on opposite sides of the country from each other, and we did not find our way to each other by our own carefully thought out or planned circumstances. But isn’t that how God works? My dad (who also officiated our marriage) once told me that two people meant to be together could pass each other like two ships at night, never knowing how close they were to the other. If you’re not paying attention you could miss the golden opportunities God places before you. I’m happy to say we were both looking when we were. I married my friend; the girl I was meant to be old with.

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  1. I could read your story a million times…:-) I love that my son found his hearts desire and the lady God meant for him to be with because The Dad and I are who God chose to be together forever with and we are 33yrs and counting. We love our new family and could not have prayed for a more perfect lady for our son.

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