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Sabotage Candy – The Perfect Holiday Brittle Recipe!

Sabotage candy 1This holiday brittle recipe is so good, it needs a warning label.  Before you start reading this, you should know that this recipe is actually sinful.  Like, seriously sinful.  I am posting it now because it is a recipe that can be used for a delicious Valentine’s treat!  But when you sample it, you will catch yourself going back to this incredibly amazing snack over and over.  And over.  Now, consider yourself warned.  This Sabotage Candy is the most perfect holiday brittle recipe you’re going to find!  Try this to wow your sweetie!!

I call this Sabotage Candy because it is guaranteed to make the even the most dedicated health nut question their resolve.  So my advice?  Make it, taste it, and immediately give it away.  All of it.  It’s really that good.

1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup sugar
1 stick butter (I use salted)
1 stick margarine
1 package graham crackers

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

First, line a cookie sheet with tin foil and cover it with a single layer of graham crackers. Graham Crackers

If you bought whole pecans, now is the time to chop those up as well.

The next step to this recipe is melting together your butter, margarine, and your sugar.  This step isn’t as difficult as you’d think, but it does require you babysit it.  So this is not the recipe to start if you can’t devote at least 5 minutes to *just watching* your caramel.  You don’t want it to scorch.  So don’t walk away. Butter, margarine, sugar

Once this has simmered for two minutes, add in your pecans and stir it well. mixture with nuts Immediately pour your caramel mixture evenly over the graham crackers, and spread with a rubber spatula.  Now….for the record, if you think you can lick the spatula or run your finger through the caramel and NOT burn yourself…well, you’d be seriously wrong.  Don’t ask me how I know…Mmmmkay? Pre-Baking Candy

Bake at 350 for 10 minutes on middle rack.  Cool for 5 minutes.  Flip your cookie sheet over onto wax paper, and peel away from the back of the candy.  Then break into pieces. Baked Candy Collage

Now try and keep your hands off of it.  I dare you.  There is a *reason* this is called Sabotage Candy!  The perfect holiday brittle recipe!

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