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Seafood Just Got Simple #GortonsSeafood

Boo Shrimp

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on the coast and have fresh seafood basically at your beck and call?  Shrimp and salmon and tilapia, oh my!  I love seafood.  Love it.  LOVE it.  And so does my son.  He actually loves it more than me!

I am very fortunate that I actually do live on the coast, and seafood is extremely common here.  And while that is very convenient, it can also be expensive, time consuming, and intimidating.  I’m a single mommy of two very active kids, so there are days where getting to a market to get fresh seafood is truly not an option.  I am also southern girl who didn’t grow up on the coast learning how to cook fresh seafood, so while I have learned how to make a few seafood dishes, I still find cooking it intimidating.  There is also the issue of the price – seafood is often expensive and I live on a very tight budget.  But let me just shove that sad little cloud aside with some happy information I stumbled upon!  Gorton’s is the perfect answer to all those problems!!!

Now before you think this is a shameless and paid plug for some company, let me assure you that I am NOT getting paid for this.  I received some free coupons for Gorton’s seafood, and since I have a six year old who has what I like to call “champagne taste on a beer budget”, I decided to stock up on a few of Gorton’s items and see if he liked them.  And he DID!!!!  I was truly shocked at not only how simple everything was to prepare, but at what a hit it was with the kids!  I have watched my son eat 2lbs of crab legs all by himself – literally leaving no shell unturned.  Do you know how much 2lbs of snow crab costs???  I could have bought steak for four people for the same amount!  So to see him devour something that was as simple as preheating the oven and putting it on a baking sheet, I am not only pleased – I am thrilled!!!

We now have a freezer I keep stocked with several different Gorton’s products, and I can’t sing its praises enough.  My son has karate two days a week, and soccer two days a week.  Wednesdays are the busiest days for us, with less than 45 minutes between school and karate and less than 45 minutes between karate and Awanas at church.  To say that he’s exhausted and that I’m frazzled on those days would be drastically understated.  So imagine how relaxing it is to know that I can bake him some shrimp for shrimp po’boys and sweet potato fries to eat between activities!  And has plenty of recipes to pick from that continue to make it simple and convenient to have seafood as often as my kid’s little heart desires!

*Taste for yourself!  Visit to download a coupon, find simple recipes, and see what products they offer.  Trust me, you’ll be pleased you did!

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