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Sidelined by Chuck Pagano – Review AND Giveaway!

**This is a sponsored post, however all views expressed are entirely my own**

Coach Chuck In Sidelined by Chuck Pagano, he tells of his journey from being the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens to Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, and all of the struggles, tears, and triumphs along the way.  Being the Head Coach of an NFL team had always been a dream and goal, but when he was selected to be coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Chuck Pagano wasn’t expecting it. Indianapolis was in the midst of what would end up being an entire overhaul of the team’s leadership, replacing several people from the Head Coach all the way down to the famed Quarterback, Peyton Manning. Such an upheaval has the ability to reduce a great team to rubble, or shake the foundation so vigorously that it leaves everyone reeling.  Such a quake after a season that left them at the bottom of the barrel (a frustrating 2-14 record), easily could have caused everyone to collapse and lose hope. So when Colt’s Owner Jim Irsay contacted Chuck Pagano, he knew the shakeup would require a leader with the ability to inspire and encourage.

Throughout Chuck Pagano’s book “Sidelined”, he takes you from his position for the Baltimore Ravens to Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, including his shocking diagnosis of leukemia after just the third game of the season. Coach Pagano tells of how his faith and trust in God, and the support of his wife and family, including his football family, helped him overcome the greatest trial of his life.

You can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they deal with defeat and disappointment,” Coach Pagano says in his book. Throughout Sidelined, he illustrates how his faith, and the commitment he and his team had to Trust, Loyalty, and Respect is part of what has held the Colts together.  They even helped spread the movement of CHUCKSTRONG, which brought awareness to the battle of leukemia. In spite of his illness, Chuck says failure was not an option.  He never imagined he wouldn’t survive.  Throughout his fight with cancer, both his family and the NFL community stood by Chuck, showing tremendous dedication to him. I remember when two of the Colts cheerleaders even allowed the mascot to shave their heads!!  The whole Colts team went “bald” in honor of their coach.  I can’t think of anything more inspiring!! ChuckStrong2

In the interest of true transparency, I must admit I was concerned for the Colts when their famed leader Tony Dungy (who provided an amazing forward in Sidelined, BTW) announced his retirement.  And I must also admit that, while I was a faithful Colts fan, I am a diehard Peyton Manning fan.  I am the football fanatic in my house.  My husband watches it for me, but not because he loves it.  I love it.  This year when other women were getting roses and cards and necklaces for Mother’s Day, my husband got me a football jersey.  He knows me so well! 🙂  However, while I may now root for the Broncos, I still have been amazed and inspired by the journey the Colts have gone through under the fearless leadership of their new coach, Chuck Pagano. Sidelined image

I truly enjoyed this book! It was heartfelt and inspiring and encouraging, giving hope and showing commitment to faith and to family. This book is a must-read heading into the new NFL season! And because they’re so incredibly generous, Family Christian Bookstores  is giving away a copy of this fantastic book! Enter below for your chance to win a copy of Sidelined by Chuck Pagano of your own!

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**This is a sponsored post, however all views expressed are entirely my own**

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