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The Clothes Bar is Making Moms Stylish Again!

Outfit 4 - 1I think every woman – especially busy moms – need pieces in our wardrobes that are stylish, versatile, and comfortable.  In a world where fashion is an obsession, sometimes busy moms – working moms, single moms, and tired moms – get left behind.  We don’t have the time, energy, or some days the brain cells to make ourselves look beautiful.  I’ll admit it – I’ve driven to the bus stop in my pajama pants because I just didn’t have the time to get myself together.  So imagine how happy I was to get to work with The Clothes Bar!

The Clothes Bar offers stylish pieces that can be tailored to anyone’s personal fashion sense!  They make style simple and comfortably chic!  I began working with them last month, and have been so extremely impressed with the effort they put into making their customers happy.  They love fashion, but they definitely know that YOU – the customer – are the most important thing.  They have fabulous prices for some extremely amazing pieces!  One of my earlier blogs was about taking the extra time to make yourself look better, and the impact that has on your mood, your sense of self, and your overall love for YOU.  The Clothes Bar wants ALL of their ladies to love the way they look, and they make sure they are always offering stylish pieces that will appeal to every sense of style.  EVEN BUSY MOMS!!!

My new favorite (and currently the most complimented piece in my wardrobe!) is their Sophia Color Block Sweater!  I’ve worn it several different ways, and ALWAYS get complimented on it.  It was my go-to outfit for my road trip last weekend, and my fiancé said more than once that he loved how I looked.  He calls it “Boyfriend Approved”.  For those who are curious, this is what I wore 🙂

Outfit 4 - 2

Here are a couple of other ways I’ve worn this – always garnering compliments.  Every.  Single.  Time.
Outfit 3 -1Outfit 1 - 1Outfit 2 - 1
As a very busy mom, sometimes fashion seems completely out of reach – either because I don’t have the time or the extra money – but The Clothes Bar makes style come easy, even with just a few basic pieces dressed up different ways.  This makes being stylish on a budget within reach, and I’m definitely singing their praises for that!

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