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What’s Your Brave?

Sky DivingToday, I want to challenge you to be brave. Is there something you want to do, but feel too afraid to try it? Ever have the urge to jump out of a plane? Let me be the first to say that I will NEVER have that urge, but I do know people who do. I actually know people who teach other people how to do it! Meanwhile, my thoughts are “What kind of stupid does someone have to be…?!?!” But I also know that not every career is for every person. Not everyone thinks ziplining through the treetops sounds like fun. I know a few people who think cave diving is an excellent adventure. I know someone who quit her full time job to become a full time blogger. Or what about that couple who met and married in only 6 weeks? To some, these people are crazy! But they used what we think sounds crazy and turned it into their story of bravery. What’s your brave? Do you have something that you’re working toward that seems impossible? Do you have something you want to try that scares the crap out of most people? Make today your day to start your brave journey!

Every once in a while, people need to do something crazy. It’s just part of life. It may not be skydiving-level crazy. It may be only go-back-to-school-at-30 crazy. But it’s still something crazy. It makes you get excited. Makes your blood pump. Reminds you that you’re alive.
Too often we forget that we’re living. Too often that living gets stuck on survive instead of thrive. We let ourselves get bored. Get stranded. Get stagnant. Get BLAH. And we let ourselves believe that we can’t do anything different. That 30lbs? Yeah, it’s here to stay because you’re too tired or too busy or too “genetically challenged” to get it off. That job you hate? Yep. It’s here for good too because you don’t want to go back to school and get a different degree. After all, who changes careers in the middle of their lives, right?! Or what about that person you want to date? Probably should just let her pass you by. She probably wouldn’t be interested anyway.

Let me ask you this: DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THOSE LIES?!?! You *know* that’s what they are, right? They’re lies. They are there for no other reason than to keep you locked in your ditch of bored. Let me ask you another question: What part of the sky would fall if you just took a deep breath and made that leap of faith? Now before you think I’m judging you, or pointing fingers at you, let me remind you that *each* of those things I listed above? I did them. I lost 30 pounds almost 2 years ago after I quit letting myself believe I was “born this way”. I quit my steady job and went back to school full time at 29 to become a nurse. And I smiled at that guy I was interested in. Keep in mind, also, that I would have to be drugged up, tied up, and knocked out in order for me to ever jump out of a plane. But those things I mentioned? Those are ways I made myself remember I was alive. They weren’t easy. And a lot of people in my life thought I was crazy. But my life is better after making those brave choices.

I know the New Year’s Resolutions are starting to wear off for some of you. I know we’re back in the swing of normal after the holidays have passed. So let me challenge you to be brave. Maybe everyone will be in your corner cheering for you. Or maybe they’ll tell you crazy. But all it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage to do something amazing. Today, I hope you find that courage. And I hope you find your brave.

7 thoughts on “What’s Your Brave?

  1. Love this! Everyone brave is so different.. mine would be to start ballroom dancing. I have never done it before but have the urge to this year. I’m 30 and starting in a beginners class. Overtime I’ll become an expert.. I just have to get over that initial hump of negative thoughts! Great post!

  2. My crazy / brave… I’ve commited to a 30-day workout programme. Every single day. Yikes! I’m on a mission to lose 50lbs and yes, it seems like the wildest crazy idea when working out. I have to remind myself it will be worth it!

  3. What an inspiring post! This reminds me of a quote I once heard: “Do something that scares you every day.” I keep trying to, but I get caught up in the mundane, everyday! I want to be brave, I need to make time for it 🙂

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