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What’s Your OCD?

OCD germWhat’s your OCD? I’ve often heard that everyone has *something* they are particular about. Some stuff they may be even maniacal about. “Everyone has a little OCD in them…”, the saying goes. So I’m just wondering what yours is. I’ve thought about mine, and I actually have a few things that MUST be a certain way. But to dial down my “crazy”, I’ll only tell you about two of mine. And then you can tell me: What’s Your OCD?  It isn’t *actually* OCD if you’re particular about something, but it’s become the phrase of choice.  So we’ll roll with it 🙂

I’ll start small: I have to make my bed every day. Every. Day. If I walk into my room, and my bed isn’t made, I feel frazzled, irritable, and disorganized. When I first stepped out of my mama’s house and into my own, I read a book that said you should do the next indicated thing. Whether that is doing the dishes after dinner, making the bed when you get up, washing your face before you go to sleep at night. Whatever it is, if you do the next indicated thing, then that thing won’t ever need to be added to your to-do list. “Make bed” is never on my daily list of things to do because it’s become part of how I get my day started. And no one has ever been to my house when my bed hasn’t been made. If it isn’t made, I’m still in it. Or I’m on the verge of death.

The second (and the one I would call myself maniacal about) is my bathroom. Specifically the toilet. I honestly swear to you that at any given moment you could come to my house and swab for germs/bacteria/funk on, around, or in my toilet and it would be clean. I hate *hate* HATE a dirty toilet. I clean my toilet in, on, and around (including the sides and the floors!) at the minimum of twice a week. Sometimes more. Like if I walk into the bathroom and it doesn’t smell as clean as I want it to, I’ll clean it. I could probably end up on Maury or something because I’m so obsessed about it. For serious. And just in case you’re wondering, no I am not judging you if I come to your house and your toilet is nasty. I’ll still love you, but I’ll always know your toilet has The Funk. Sorry not sorry!

So now I get to ask you: What’s your OCD? What things are you “crazy” about? Toilet paper unrolls from the top? Can’t stand a messy car?  No dishes ever left in the sink?  Double check your doors every night before bed? Regardless of whether you think about it or not, we’ve all got something we *have* to do.  While being particular isn’t actually OCD (that’s a very real and very difficult problem for those who’ve been diagnosed – I know), it is what we’ve come to call it.  It brings us comfort, makes us feel in control, and helps us relax. So come on – don’t deny it: What do you do? Share away, and I’ll comment! 🙂

2 thoughts on “What’s Your OCD?

  1. LOL – I’m just like you when it comes to the bed. If my bed is not made, I feel frazzled, out of sorts, and cannot concentrate on a thing or get anything accomplished until it IS finally made. I used to not be like that. B.H. (before hubby) I’d crawl out of bed leave the bed the way it was and crawl right back in later that night without fixing it. Once hubby gets up in the morning, he will not get back in the bed until it has been torn completely apart and re-made properly so that the sheets are nice and tight and you can bounce a quarter off them. Meh. I don’t necessarily need to go to THAT extreme … but because I’ve done it for going on 20 years for him, its become a habit and it makes me crazy if it isn’t made every morning now when I get up.

    The 2nd thing I’m completely OCD about is my desk and my STUFF. My desk is in our bedroom – and I have filing boxes to the right and underneath my desk, and there are two bookcases to the left. I have a hutch on my little desk with shelves, and they are filled with office goodies like stapler, tape dispenser, pens and pencils, notepads, paper clips etc. I have magazines, letters, PR information, notebooks, writing paper, copy paper, books, mom’s recipes box, some cookbooks and a few other odds and ends in my “office” area. These things are MINE. I do not allow ANYONE (that includes hubby) to touch ANYTHING in my zone. When the kids come in our room and just take the stapler off my desk or the scissors from my drawer, I go absolutely POSTAL. It isn’t that I don’t want them to use them – that’s not the problem – the problem is that they INVADED MY PERSONAL SPACE.

    Is that strange?

    1. I am TOTALLY on your side about MY SPACE. I think as moms, we don’t have “space” or stuff of our own. Even our bodies are someone else’s to climb on, lean on, or even at one point to live IN (haha) so you need to have somewhere that’s your “sacred” spot! I get it girl. BTW – you have got to let me know how you do that, because I am seriously lacking in the “MY SPACE” dept! 🙂

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