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Why I Became A Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Keep CalmHave you ever considered starting a Direct Sales business? Are you someone who loves her Thirty-One bags, or a Scentsy addict? I’ve been very blessed to have encountered some amazing Direct Sales consultants, and I have a long list of products I routinely order from women who are now my friends! From purses to jewelry to things that make my house smell amazing (and more!), I am a faithful customer to women who own their own businesses. That’s why when I realized that my newly pregnant skin needed Mary Kay to get it back to fabulous, I decided I would become my own Mary Kay consultant! “Why not sell Mary Kay?” I asked my husband. I love the products, I faithfully use the products, I am proud of what the company stands for, and I need a fun way to meet new people and earn income for our growing family. These circumstances created the perfect storm I needed to decide to start my very own business as an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay!Mary Kay I Love Makeup

I’m sure most people have their opinions of Mary Kay – I’ve found that it’s usually Love it or Hate it. We ladies are very strongly opinionated in practically every aspect of our lives! From breastfeeding to vaccines, car seats to minivans, gluten to glue sticks, and everything in between, we love what we love and we are faithful to what we use. I know I personally have had moments where I thought I could find a product similar to what I was buying from a direct sales consultant, but find it cheaper and more readily available at Target. I mean, come on ladies, let’s be honest: You’ve all thought that those wax tarts would smell as good and be as easy to change as the ones you got from your Scentsy lady, didn’t you? And we’ve ALL gone to the beauty aisle and stood for 30 minutes staring at the wall of products that promise to end wrinkles, shrink pores, cure cellulite, dark spots, crinkles, acne, and create world peace. I know you’ve done it because I’ve done it. We ALL have. But after we decide on the brand we think promises the best results for the best price, we buy it, take it home, and then hate it. That’s the same song and dance I did just a few months ago. Mary Kay Love

I’ve been using Mary Kay on again and off again since I was 18. I loved the products then, so I decided to sign up to sell it. That was honestly an epic fail of a business move since I didn’t really try to sell anything, but it didn’t change my love for the products. So over the last _____ years, I’ve had a million other brands I’ve tried when I run out of Mary Kay or lost a consultant, but I have truly never been as happy with my skin as I have when I have been using Mary Kay. That made me enough of a believer to know that my oily patches and rosacea and dry spots and pimples and crêpe-y under eye areas needed more than I was getting from the stuff from Wal-Mart.

Mary Kay quoteI decided to become a consultant because the company has standards that I believe in. They encourage you to put God first, family second, and career third which is a concept that my career in nursing didn’t support. Mary Kay also supports causes that are very close to my heart. They fight to bring awareness to and end domestic violence, to help empower women to start something beautiful and change their lives, they donate MILLIONS of dollars to cancer research each year, and they donate MILLIONS of dollars to domestic violence shelters nationwide! That’s an incredible dedication to enriching women’s lives. Mary Kay Ash said once, “I want women to have every single thing God intended us to have.” She started a company that doesn’t just make amazing products, but a company that invests in people’s lives. Mary Kay Pink Cadillac

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own direct sales company, but thought “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the money” or “I’m not a salesperson”, then this company is definitely for you! If you’ve ever thought you’d like a chance to earn more income, drive a Cadillac (for FREE!), take a trip (for FREE), or you’re someone who simply shares the desire to enrich the lives of the people around you, then this company is for you! I’m sure some of you are wondering “Why Mary Kay?”, but the real question you should be asking yourself is “Why NOT Mary Kay?”Start Something Beautiful picture

If you would like more information about the company, the products, or the opportunity to start your own beautiful business, PLEASE contact me! I would love to talk to you personally! You can either comment on this post, or you can visit my Mary Kay website here for my contact information. Whatever your reasons for waiting, there’s never a better time than now to start your new journey to success!!

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